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Wildlife Poetry

All Photos, Pictures & Poetry is Legal Registered Copyright ©Beryl R Ladd

No parts or lines may be copied or used

Here are some of my poems about wildlife

Nature in the spring

I hear a little bird chirping in the tree top
Could this mean the beginning of spring?
Whilst not to mention
Feathers need attention
And all the little birds have a song to sing

I see a squirrel brushing up his fur coat
Time to look dapper and find a lady friend
Jumping though the branches
Showing off he prances
Leaping tree to tree with a signal to send

Out of hibernation come hedgehogs and dormice
Butterflies and moths start to flutter in the sun
Insects scurrying
Endless hurrying
Nature in the spring is a great deal f fun

Blue tit




































Grey Heron


The little Wood

In the corner of the park is a very tiny wood
And the trees are alive with singing
There are lots of little birds and I think you really should
Go there and watch the little birds winging

They flutter and hop from tree to bush
Chirping a happy little song
Just step slowly neither shove nor push
And you won't have to wait too long

There's a lovely little brook where a kingfisher sits
As he waits on a twig for his pray
If you go early morn and keep about your wits
You may see him fishing every day

Most days in the park keep an eye toward the sky
When the gulls and the crows start to squeal
There'll be a Kestrel or buzzard flying very high
It's a sight for the eye and very real

In the corner of the park in this very tiny wood
Where the trees are alive with singing
If you’re ever come this way please visit if you could
Your ears will be filled with pleasant ringing



I saw a kingfisher
Down by the brook
With a beak full of prey
To take back to his nook

He must have a mate
And eggs ready to hatch
Whilst the brook’s full of fish
He will get a good catch

When the chics break their shells
They will chirrup and sing
For the start of new life
Is the meaning of spring


Blue Tit Boy

I see a lady just down there?
I’ll have to look my best
I must do my spring preening
And don my brand new vest

Hello. Please come and sit with me
I am up a branch or two
I have just cleaned all my feathers
And spruced them up for you

I know that she is listening
For now and then she glances
She’s pretty and intelligent
I must keep up my advances

I’ll sit up in the tree top
And sing out all my joy
I hope she’ll come and join me
I’m a handsome Blue tit boy

Blue tit

Little Robin

I saw this little Robin
On a branch high in a tree
He was singing to the ladies
And his heart was full of glee

He turned and looked toward me
His expression saying” Yes?”
I told him he was handsome
In his lovely new spring dress

He then resumed his singing
As I went upon my way
And the little wood was ringing
Little birds with lots to say














Red Fox


















Mallard duck

Long-tailed tit

The mallard Duck

The Mallard duck, she came to school
Not to learn or play the fool

But to make a nest behind The Grange
Where she laid nine eggs and all free range

The duck was watched with a very close eye
And we tiptoed quietly as we passed her by

Now one of the teachers saw them hatch
Nine little ducklings, what a batch

He tweaked his beard and scratched his head
Called some students and to them said

“Come over here and have a look
We’ll take these ducklings to the brook

One of the caretakers looked on too
Was it a circus or maybe a Zoo?

To the caretaker I heard him say
“Grab that duckling and walk this way

A box for the last one, caw, what a lark
Running after the others into the park

The duck waddled after with a very loud quack
They stopped all the traffic, there’s no turning back

They climbed the railings without a falter
Now ducklings and duck are safe in the water

The Grey Heron

There’s a lady with a camera
And she’s pointing it at me
She thinks I cannot see her
As she hides behind the tree

Who does she think she’s kidding?
I can see just where she’s at
In a camo coloured outfit
And a funny little hat

I’ll stay a few more captures
For I’m such a handsome guy
Then shake out all my feathers
And head towards the sky

I’ll fly down to the river
For the tide is going out
That’s when fish are left behind.
A catch with out a doubt

The Season of Spring

The sun is in the sky and spring is upon us
Little birds are singing whilst building a nest
Kestrel hovering
Got his eye on every thing
Black crows call to alert all the rest

Trees growing leaves and flowers start to blossom
The ground is alive with fungi in the wood
Insects stomping
Caterpillars Chomping
Remnants of something where once it stood

Fox cubs tussling whilst mother watches closely
Bunny rabbits nibble the grass by the fence
Daisies and Buttercups
Always tend to clutter up
And all the vegetation starts to grow very dense

Crisp spring mornings walking though the woodlands
Waiting by the brook near a Kingfisher’s rest
Mute swans swimming
Mallard ducks skimming
The surface of the water with a graceful zest

Have you ever seen a dragonfly buzzing by a pond?
Heard newly hatched chicks when they sing?
The sounds are wonderful
The colours are beautiful
Oh how I love the season of spring

A Day In Winter

Winter is here and my garden
Is covered in fine white snow
I can tell who’s been here
The evidence is clear
Little footprints are left as they go.

The trees are heavily laden
Looking dapper all covered in white
Busy squirrels all day
Gathering twigs for the dray
To keep warm when chilly at night

Five minutes from my house is a woodland
Full of wildlife and wondrous views
Whilst woodpeckers are drilling
The woodland is filling
With the birds and their busy ensues

At dusk I look into the garden
Activities are still going on
Owls looking for prey
As water voles play
Round my pond when the daylight has gone

As I sleep in my warm bed and dream
Little creatures by daylight not seen
All come out to forage
For insects and borage
Until dawn of the cycle’s new scene.

The little Fishing Bird

Patience is a virtue
One should keep it if one can
I waited an hour and forty-five
My eyes tuned in to scan

My waiting was rewarded
My time was wasted not
For flying down along the brook
Came this tiny red/blue dot

My camera was excited
I tried to keep it still
For I was standing on a slope
My feet were poised uphill

The little dot got bigger
Then it rested on a twig
I knew the bird as it landed
Because it wasn’t very big

I was watching a Kingfisher
In his beak he had a fish
He stunned the fish and ate it
Then he flew off with a swish

Nature’s Pace

As I sit in my garden, does a fox cub intrude?
I welcome his presence e’en though he is shrewd

He chases his tale as he frolics around
Making him dizzy, he topples to ground

He sits there in wonder about the sensation
Waits for a moment to regain orientation

As I keep very still; he is joined by another
Then comes one more, a sister or brother?

The mother is watching her sons and her daughter
As they come to my pond for a cool drink of water

A squirrel jumps on to the roof of my pool house
Being observed by a small garden dormouse

Little wild rabbits come out of their hiding
Nibbling the grass and with others confiding

In the trees up above the birds chirrup and sing
The beauty of nature just doing it’s thing

In the distance a noise disturbs natures pace
In an instance the beauty has gone with it’s grace

I'll hope when it's quiet they'll come back again
For wildlife is that which keeps me quite Sane

The Kestrel

The Kestrel sits quietly on the post of a fence
And patiently waits for his prey
As I stand and look on
He is instantly gone
After his catch of the day

He has spotted a mouse and gets into position
Soon he will make a sharp dive
He’ll hover above
And with out any love
Will swoop down and take it alive

I admire this Falcon. He’s shrewd and he’s clever
He’s no match with his hover and pause
He’s quick, and he’s fast
His dive does not last
As he takes up his prey with his claws

All though he’s not huge his wingspan is wide
And his tail like a fan he will spread
He is one of a kind
So accurate you’ll find
He’s the best it just has to be said

The little Egret

I watch a Little Egret in the brook
With seagulls looking on
He’s strayed away from the estuary
He’s fishing but carries on

He dances around with his big yellow feet
To try and attract the fish
It works; fish come to take the bait
He spears them with a swish

I see him as he prances around
My self behind a bush
I think his sharp eyes have spotted me
As he takes to the air with a swoosh

I look-on as he loses orientation
It’s the estuary he must seek
As he turned it was highly amusing
‘Twas just wings and legs and beak

When he’d sorted his point of direction
Flew just feet above my head
As he found his way back to the estuary shore
He made haste and off he fled

The Bottom of My Garden

At the bottom of my garden where the wildlife play
Never even worrying
At the bottom of my garden through out the day
Now and then just Peeking
At the bottom of my garden ‘til the end of the day

At the bottom of my garden where the wildlife play
Night time
Bed time
Even fast asleep time
At the bottom of my garden at the end of the day
Eyes closed tightly
Ready for the morning of a bright new day

Wonder of wildlife

Singing in full vocal throttle
The sound of the birds, early morn
The chirrups and tweets
All sounding like treats
How I love to wakeup at dawn

A mother fox, she sits a foot
Whilst her cubs play around in my garden
As they rough and they tumble
I watch with out grumble
And to trespass I give them full pardon

Around the back of my garden pond
Water voles can also be seen
They come out to play
When they think you’re away
On arrival they scurry the scene

At dusk the chorus in treetops
A distant train rumbles down track
Badgers at play
After sleeping through day
Wonder of wildlife has no lack

Grey Squirrel
little Egret




















Tawny Owl
Long-tailed tit



The Long-tailed tit

From that tree to this and on to the next
I’ll fly till I find the right perch
Then I’ll preen all my feathers and try to look smart
For the ladies are out on a search

I know that I’m handsome and look very cute
In my beautiful pink and black coat
I hope that the ladies will think I am smart
When they see me I’m sure they will dote

So I’ll sit here and sing at the top of my voice
Whilst I titivate each single feather
And when comes a lady to sit by my side?
We’ll snuggle up warmly together

The Tawny Owl

I saw this Tawny Owl today
He was roosting in a tree
He opened up his huge round eyes and
Peered straight down at me

He said” The day is blustery
I’m not a happy owl.
My feathers are in disarray
This wind just makes me scowl

As I sit here in this sheltered tree
I try to get some sleep
There’s a lady taking photos
And others come to peep

I know I’m rather handsome
With my lovely tawny gown
If I do not get some rest quite soon
I may put on a frown”

I took a few more photos
Then I went upon my way
The Tawny Owl went back to sleep
And rested through the day












The Heron In The Park

As I walked into our park today
A Heron flew down and stood in my way

We stood looking daggers face to face
With a beak like his, I knew my place.

I'm sure he gestured "How do you do"
I gestured "pleased to make your acquaintance too"

I didn't step forward, he didn't move back
Neither of us budged nor cut any slack

He then flew to the railing beside the brook
My camera ensuing and photos I took

After a while he took to the air
And I took some more photos that I'd like to share

One on the railing another in the sky
Then I said cheerio and waved him good bye

Grey Heron


The wind was blowing a gale
The mallard he stood on the wall
His feathers were blown
Into the unknown
And the duck didn’t like it at all

He stood there looking straight at me
And I’m sure he was thinking “don’t laugh”
But humour you see
Got the better of me
Well I stood there doubled in half

The poor duck he got so embarrassed
And tucked his head out of sight
“You’re looking at me
And laughing I see”
This will not help me in my plight



Grey Heron













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